Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Pureology Antifade Complex Essential Repair Split End Treatment

We all know that growing hair that is long and strong is a constant battle. The main offender: split ends. You don't want to cut your hair because you want it to be long, but if you don't visit the salon every 12 weeks split ends will crawl up your hair shaft so far that you will have to get more cut off than you wanted. So split end repair treatments are all the rage in the cosmetic industry. They promise to repair your split ends until you have time to visit the salon. Now the question is: do they actually work?

Description of the Product

 Cost: $25-$35

Pureology products protect hair color and are sulfate-free (as are most salon brand products). I also believe that most, if not all, of their products are vegan (don't hold me to this statement though). The Essential Repair Split End Treatment is made to repair split ends while also making hair shiny and soft.

Using the Product

You don't have to use this product all the time. From my impression, you should use it when you start to notice split ends and are in need of a haircut. Therefor it should be useful for when you are trying to grow your hair out. Apply to the ends of your hair when it is wet. No need to apply it to your roots. That's it!

Review of the Product

Unfortunately, I found this product to be a waste of money. I didn't have less split ends and my hair wasn't softer or shinier. In fact, it left my hair a little stiff and heavy. I've used it many times all with the same result. If anyone has used the Nexxus Brand equivalent of this product, which is advertised on TV, I would love to hear your experience.

You know what gets rid of split ends? Taking care of your hair! Don't wash it every day, don't use too much heat, and for god sakes put down the hairspray. Maybe I'll write a post about proper hair care....

Recommend (y/n): No