Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

As I was wandering through Target the other day I found myself in the cosmetics aisle (Surprise, Surprise). I genuinely did need to buy makeup sponges, but I remembered that I was getting low on foundation as well. I used to use Lancome foundation, but I found that it always left my skin a little oily. After that, I started to use Covergirl's CG Smoothers All-Day Hydrating Makeup. This is doubly convenient because it saves money and I've never had a problem with the foundation. I will say that I do use some makeup products from department store brands, but I don't see any reason not to mix and match between high and low end brands as long as the product works for you. Anyways, I decided to try the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation because I'm drawn to their TV commercials. I'm a sucker for advertising. If you have great advertising, I will probably buy your product (although I'm good at resisting infomercials)....

Description of the Product

This foundation is made to adjust to your skin color as you put it on, providing an exact match so you don't have to be stressed out over picking the exactly correct shade. I settled on 115 (second to lightest shade). Although I tan pretty well, my skin is fairly light throughout the rest of the year. I might change over to shade 120 in the summer. The product is advertised to give you a natural and dewy finish, so if you are looking for a matte finish foundation this is not the product for you. It does not provide a high amount of coverage so it won't work for covering up highly blotchy or red skin, severe acne, or sun spots.

Using the Product

I applied the foundation after using my Smachbox Makeup Primer (*read my earlier review, I've been using this stuff every day since I got it!). I used a makeup sponge to apply it all over my face, and you can actually see the foundation changing color to adjust to your skin tone. Apply the rest of your makeup as normal.

***Note: always apply concealer AFTER foundation, not before***

Review of the Product

So far I like this foundation because it does give me a dewy finish, whereas my former foundation gave me more of a matte finish. It depends on your personal preference, but because I like a natural makeup look (I would go without foundation if I had perfect skin), it works for me. I read a couple of reviews that said this isn't a good choice for oily skin, but since I use a makeup primer I havn't had many problems so far. Because this foundation doesn't give heavy coverage I wouldn't suggest it for important events such as weddings, proms, etc...but it has worked so far for normal wear.

Recommend (y/n): Yes, but it may depend upon your skin type and coverage needs. Great buy for $7

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