Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: Goody Spin Pin

My roomate asked me to try this because she wanted to try it before she bought it. That's the purpose of my blog, so here's my review of the Goody Spin Pin.
Description of the Product

The Goody Spin Pin is a hair accessory designed to hold your hair in a bun without the use of hair ties or bobby pins. The package comes with 2 spin pins. You are supposed to use both, facing in opposite directions, to hold up your bun. They also sell mini spin pins for wearing your hair half up, or if you have thinner/shorter hair.

Using the Product

These pins are surprisingly easy to use. You gather your hair into a ponytail. You can do high, low, or off to the side. Don't use any hair ties. Twist your hair into a bun, tucking in loose pieces. Then insert one pin, twisting clockwise to secure your bun. Insert the other pin from the opposite direction. Do not interlock the pins! This will tangle your hair. You can either insert the pins vertically or horizontally. I found that vertically worked best for me, but it probably depends upon your hair length and the amount of layers in your haircut. Once your finished your hair should be in a secure bun!

Review of the Product

While I was a little skeptical of this product actually performing as it said it would, the pins created a secure bun for me! They were easy to put in and remove, and I think they would cause less damage then hair ties and bobby pins. I do have a few tips for using the product though...

1) I think these spin pins work best with hair that has a little texture. I tried them out when my hair had been flat ironed, and my bun just looked really small and tight. I'm excited to use the pins for when my hair is curly. If you have flat or thin hair, I would try using either a curling iron or a texture spray before putting your hair in a bun (this is true even if you aren't using the spin pins).

2) If you have layers in your haircut, you still may have to use bobby pins if you don't want a couple loose pieces coming out from your bun.

Review (y/n): Yes

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  1. Great review! I tried these pins a year or so ago and was so excited... only to have them fall out of my stick straight hair. Sigh. But for some reason I didn't think about trying a texture spray or curling iron before using them. Maybe I will give them another try!